Saturday, May 23, 2009

My thoughts for the day

I am trying to keep up with technology, I hear about blogging and Twittering.. and Facebook, ...sooo......I have just signed up with my own blogger account and this is my first attempt......I also am sad to see Jay Leno's " The Tonight Show" end , and will miss Ross the Intern, sooo......I will follow Ross on his new website and his Twitter page. I also have recently joined Facebook and am now a member of Adam Lambert's Official website and follow him on facebook. ( I am still terribly disappointed that Adam did not win American Idol as he so deserved) .

Wow, that is a lot of new technology and websites for one week, but surely will keep me busy.....Barbara


  1. haha yes the internet keeps me busy too!

    We're glad to have you over at!! Welcome:)

    I left you a comment underneath yours about ross' talky blogs..Not sure if you saw it/will see it, so I came here lol

    Go here: to watch all of ross' talky's!!!!!

    Do you watch Inside Dish? I'm still on cloud 9 from being on with him! lol

  2. HI Joey from SC. I did see the comment about the talky blogs, thank you.....I think I saw a talky blog when Ross contacted you also in person because you are such a loyal fan. Am I right? Thanks for the comment.....

  3. Hi again Joeyfrom SC, I posted you a comment thinking I had read all of your comment to me, but then went back and realized I had missed some of your comments. Sorry. Thanks for the website on Ross's old talky's, I will check them out when I have time. By the way, I did catch the episode when he contacted you in person. Congradulations......